Book Review and Give Away: Ring A Day by Marthe Le Van GIVE AWAY ENDED 3/5

For an entire year, a group of jewelers set out to create a ring every single day.  No matter what their day had in store, or where they happened to spend it, they challenged themselves to produce some sort of ring and post a photo of it to a flickr page.

What began as a small group spread like wildfire, and the endeavor resulted in an amazing community of artists, who shared in a year of creative growth and camaraderie.  In Ring a Day, Marthe Le Van introduces the project and then takes the reader on a photographic journey through the year’s projects.

The photos are amazing.  The range of techniques and materials used is astonishing.  There are beautiful metal worked pieces, and there are rings made from paper, from food, even from dryer lint.  Then there are conceptual rings, that aren’t rings at all!  Photos capture ring shapes in nature, plants wrapped around a finger while still planted in the ground, and a line of glitter glued around a finger, just to mention a few.

The creativity of these jewelers was stretched by the daily exercise, and looking through the resulting project is incredibly inspiring.  Perusing this book reminds you to think creatively, to look at the objects around you and imagine the way they could be turned into something more.

Are you excited to take a look?  To get inspired and create your own batch of rings?  One lucky reader will win a copy of Ring a Day, as well as a collection of ten assorted ring findings from Beadaholique! The different sizes and shapes will allow your imagination to run free!

To win this great book and ring findings, simply leave a comment on this blog post. Tell us about your favorite type of ring, rings you have made, or simply say “pick me.”  Giveaway ends on Monday, March 5th, at 4 PM PST and a winner will be chosen at random from the comments.

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Good Luck!!

- Megan

  • Jen

    I love wire wrapped rings lately that showcase a beautiful lamp work bead!

  • Sleep Goblin

    I’ve been experimenting with shrink plastic in my rings lately. They’re surprising pretty!

  • Kim

    I love cocktail and statement rings!

  • Bead-Yourself

    I make wire wrapped rings, mostly because I need to learn how to make others! Pick me! I’m a starting business but have had so many ring requests! I promise I would get the most out of this book! Plus, I’m low on funds so cant always afford what I want. My business is taking off quickly, meaning more custom orders! Rings, I need to know how and the supplies! Help!

  • Vsanns

    Im a mother of three,who in the past few years discovered my inner craftiness. I love makimg things! I maked wire wrapped rings using stone setting buttons. How fun! No one knows they r made with buttons.They turn out so cute. Would love to know how to do other types of rings!!!!

  • Sabrina Shaik

    ho to participat in it