Nunn Design Giveaway — 2016 Winter Collection

Nunn Design winter giveaway

Have you been salivating over the beautiful new components in the Nunn Design 2016 Winter Collection? Now’s your chance to win the gorgeous pieces shown above, supplied by designer Becky Nunn for our winter giveaway, which runs for one week only! This giveaway includes a selection of Nunn Design bangle and cuff bracelets, charms, connectors, wire frame hoops, a glass bottle, crimp ends for flat cord, and two colors of flat faux-leather cord. The collection is valued at over $115, but you can win it for free!

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you like the most from the Nunn Design Winter Collection. The giveaway ends on Friday, February 12th at 4pm PST. At that time, we will choose one winner at random from all valid comments. Best of luck!

IMPORTANT: Only comment once per giveaway using your existing Disqus account, or simply comment as a guest with your name/nickname and a valid email address (enter an optional password if you would like to create a Disqus account). Please do not use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account when commenting since these methods have been unreliable when contacting winners. You can only win one Beadaholique giveaway every 12 months. For a complete description of how to enter our giveaways, click here.

Announcing Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017 Release, Part 2: New Shapes and Styles!

Swarovski Spring Summer 2017 Preview

We’re back with part 2 of our Swarovski spring/summer collection reveal, following on the heels of our preview of the brand-new colors and effects the Austrian crystal makers have just announced. For its upcoming collection of crystal styles and shapes, Swarovski has drawn inspiration from nature, evoking the elements and wildlife in a series of exciting new beads, pendants and flat backs that we think you’ll love.


Sea snail collage

For its recent fall/winter collection, Swarovski joined forces with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. For this new nature-themed launch, Swarovski once again enlisted a big-name collaborator: environmentalist and filmmaker Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. Céline Cousteau created a series of crystal designs inspired by marine life and the organic shapes found in the deep sea. First in her collection, shown above, is the Sea Snail Pendant. This pretty, partially-frosted nautilus shell shape comes in 14mm and 28mm sizes, in soothing oceanic hues such as Crystal Bermuda Blue, Crystal Blue Shade and Crystal Golden Shadow. Naturally, we think these pendants would make gorgeous focal pieces for summery, beach-ready jewelry.

Radiolarian collageNext is Cousteau’s Radiolarian Pendant, a striking crystal representation of a microscopic organism found throughout the ocean. At 34mm, this substantial pendant evokes the radiolarian’s intricate mineral skeleton with a sprinkling of artfully placed cut-outs. According to Swarovski, “With its dynamic interplay of shiny and partially-frosted facets, this design highlights how Mother Nature is a perfectionist in even her tiniest creations.”

Raindrop pendant collageMoving from sea life to the element of water, Swarovski’s next new offering is the Raindrop Pendant. This pendant stands out among other drop shapes because of its “beautifully elongated silhouette and slim geometry that resembles a raindrop falling from the sky,” Swarovski says. These pendants come in three sizes — 17.5mm, 23mm, and 33mm — with either a gold-plated or rhodium-plated cap for a polished, professional touch. Colors include Blush Rose, Tanzanite, Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Silver Night.

Pavé Pendants:

Tiger pave collage

Swarovski is also expanding its collection of pavé pendants with two new beautiful styles. The Tiger Pavé Pendant represents resilience, power and strength, according to Swarovski, with sparkling pavé crystals set among carefully sculpted metal surfaces. Available in 16mm and 22mm sizes, this fierce pendant comes in a gold-plated, rhodium-plated or gunmetal finish.

Dragonfly pave collage

Known as a symbol of change, self-discovery and inner growth, the dragonfly is commemorated in style with the Dragonfly Pavé Pendant. This delicate piece comes in 18mm or 30mm sizes, with monochromatic or multi-colored options.


Scarab collage

Celebrated in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of the life cycle, the scarab is rendered in lifelike detail in the finely-cut crystal Scarab Bead. This petite, 12mm bead comes in a range of stunning colors, including its most natural fit — the Gaultier-designed Crystal Scarabaeus Green, introduced with Swarovski’s winter collection and created to evoke the scarab’s flashy shimmer.

Panther collageThe Panther Bead, another new bead offering, presents a geometric, angular take on this sleek feline predator. The panther “symbolizes night and a dark moon, strength and gracefulness, and mirrors the current rise of the powerful female,” Swarovski states. Available in 14mm or 19mm, string this edgy bead over a chain tassel for a high-impact focal.

BeCharmed Beads:

BeCharmed Elements collage

As part of Swarovski’s “Balance of Nature” theme, the brand is releasing a new series of BeCharmed large-hole pavé beads modeled after the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These BeCharmed Pavé Elements Beads feature a designer palette of crystal colors that blend together to stunning effect. Measuring 14.5mm, the beads will make a gorgeous addition to European-style charm jewelry, or strung as a focal on thick cord or chain.

Animal Print Pave collageContinuing this season’s wildlife motif, Swarovski has also created the new BeCharmed Pavé Leopard Bead and BeCharmed Pavé Zebra Bead. At 10mm each, these animal print beads are a great accent to show off your wild side.

BeCharmed Bead collageRounding out Swarovski’s BeCharmed additions are the new BeCharmed Heart Bead and the BeCharmed Edelweiss Bead. We loved the edelweiss shape when Swarovski introduced it in last year’s fall/winter pre-season launch for the brand’s 120th anniversary. The edelweiss commemorates Swarovski’s first company logo, the starburst-shaped flower that grows in the Alps, but also looks like a snowflake — so its seasonal crossover potential is huge! Both the Edelweiss Bead and the sweet Heart Bead are 14mm, perfect for European-style charm jewelry.


Framed Flatbacks collage

Two new styles of crystal flat backs come with this new release — the first one, shown above, being the Framed Flat Back. We love this new rhinestone style! The metal “frame,” available in gold and silver finishes, adds an extra professional cachet to the classic rhinestone look. Also debuting with this launch is the Concise Flat Back, a rhinestone with a lower, flatter profile. We can’t wait to explore the design possibilities with these stones.


Pearlescent Pearl collage

Last but not least is Swarovski’s new pearl finish, Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl. We’re taken with this shimmery, iridescent finish, akin to the soft glow of a soap bubble. Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl comes in multiple sizes of round pearls and coin pearls, along with a 14mm BeCharmed pearl bead.

Is your head spinning? You’ll have a few days to get your wish list ready, because all of these goodies will be available at Beadaholique as soon as they’re delivered from the factory. Check back soon!

Announcing Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017 Release, Part 1: New Colors and Effects!

Swar Colors Group

News alert: The folks at Swarovski have just announced their new spring/summer release, and it’s bursting with exciting colors and concepts that we can’t wait to start using in our designs. In this post we’ll take a look at the brand-new colors and effects our favorite crystal purveyors are adding to their collection — all of which are coming to Beadaholique very, very soon! Stay tuned for part 2 of our blog reveal later today, in which we’ll show you Swarovski’s latest crystal styles and shapes.

5000_231_UF_10_FV_PLYellow Opal is the first new crystal color. Its vibrancy immediately catches the eye, which will linger on the unexpected softness given to the crystal by the lovely opal effect. This glowing color will take pride of place in a spring and summer palette that is soaked in sunshine. According to Swarovski, “The inspiration behind Yellow Opal lies in the natural gemstone citrine, creating a bright, happy yellow shade with an opalescent finish.” We already love Swarovski’s existing collection of opalescent hues, including White Opal, Pacific Opal, and the rich Caribbean Blue Opal — not to mention the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year-reminiscent Rose Water Opal and Air Blue Opal. We think this bright new addition will fit right in.

5000_253_UF_10_FV_PLGraphite, the next new crystal effect in this release, provides a deep neutral counterbalance to the first color offering. Amid today’s saturated, high-tech environment, Swarovski says, “People are increasingly drawn towards dark, neutral hues that evoke a sense of tranquility. Graphite, with its deep, shadowy character, speaks to this desire by being both mysteriously glamorous yet calmly classic.” A great addition to dark, strong, unisex designs, Graphite will make an elegant transition color between Crystal Silver Night and Jet, or interspersed with Crystal Light Chrome.

5810 Crystal Round PearlCrystal Pearlescent White Pearl is Swarovski’s new pearl finish, and we are delighted with this new effect. Its soft shimmer reminds us of snow and soap bubbles. “Purity and calmness remain important themes as people seek to disconnect from their busy lifestyles,” Swarovski notes. “With its white, iridescent, frosted mother-of-pearl look, Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl brings a modern update to a genuine classic.” We can already see this lovely pearl finish as a beautiful complement to any of Swarovski’s pastel pearl hues, or paired with clean, classic, clear Crystal.

Keep our blog bookmarked, because in just a few hours we’ll release our overview of the new crystal shapes and styles headed your way this season!

Fernando DaSilva’s Videos Now Live!

Fernando blog

Earlier this month, John Bead designer Fernando DaSilva stopped by our design studio to shoot some videos and share new techniques. Now you can watch him at work in his new video tutorials, just posted at In these new videos, Fernando shows us how to embellish lucite chain and make a multi-strand necklace, and how to make beautiful knots with Chinese knotting cord and turn them into a pair of chandelier earrings. We hope you enjoy!

Beading Table Wednesday: January 27, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you all! It’s time for our design room tour — here’s what we’ve been up to this week:


This week I am having fun working on 2-hole bead patterns. The bracelets in this image use CzechMates 2-hole square beads and SuperDuos. I just finished recording a video for the design and it should be up on YouTube and soon!


Kat Silvia Nunn DesignKat:

This week I have been playing with the latest Nunn Design Winter Collection. I am loving the new findings and connectors. Done in the classic Nunn Design style, these pieces are timeless and wonderful to work with.





Did you know that today is National Chocolate Cake Day? It’s true! And what great timing — with Valentine’s Day coming up in a few weeks, this easy-to-celebrate national day reminds us to anticipate delicious, decadent sweets. Our collection of novelty ceramic beads includes these adorable chocolate cupcakes and chocolate candy bars, and these Golem Design Studio lentil beads look like cookies. Have a nosh!

Find Out Friday: Valentine’s Day Heart Link Earrings


With Valentine’s Day coming up, now is the perfect time to create some beautiful holiday-themed jewelry that would make Cupid proud. These two-tone wire heart earrings are a fun and easy way to incorporate a few wire working techniques into your repertoire. Let’s take a closer look at how to make this project.

Here are all of the materials you’ll need:


4 Inches of 20 Gauge Copper Craft Wire
2 Copper Earring Hooks
6 Copper 4mm Jump Rings
2 Inches of Silver Cable Chain
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters
Flat Nose Duckbill Pliers
Chasing Hammer
Steel Bench Block

1. Cut a 2 inch length of 20 gauge copper wire.


2. Grip one end of the wire in your round nose pliers and twist your wrist forward to create a loop.


3. Grip the loop in duckbill flat nose pliers and bend the wire around the loop with your fingers. Turn the piece in the jaws of the pliers and keep bending the wire around to create a flat spiral.


4. Repeat the previous two steps on the other side of the wire. Spiral both ends of the wire until the piece measures 3/4 inches long.


5. Find the midpoint of the wire and grip it with the duckbill flat nose pliers so the edge of the pliers is adjacent to the midpoint. Bend the wire 90 degrees at the midpoint.


6. Shape the piece with your fingers so the spirals are next to each other and the wire piece is in the shape of a heart.


7. Place the heart component on your steel bench block and hammer it evenly with a chasing hammer to flatten and work-harden the wire.


8. Cut two 1/2 inch lengths of silver chain.


9. Open a jump ring and slide on the last link of one piece of chain, and also the inner loop of one of the spirals at the top of the heart link. Close the jump ring. Repeat this step for the other spiral.


10. Open another jump ring and slide on the first links of both pieces of chain. Close the jump ring.


11. Open the loop of an earring hook and slide on the jump ring from the previous step. Close the loop.


Make your second earring, and then you’re done! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day creation.

Beading Table Wednesday: January 20, 2016

It may be damp and dreary here in L.A. on this mid-January morning, but we’re all glad it’s Wednesday. Let’s check in to see what’s in the works:

Rachel Wire Wrapping BTW 1-20-16Rachel:

One of the jewelry techniques I’ve always admired, and always been intimidated by, is wire wrapping. I love the look of neat coils of wire cradling gemstones, or curled into elegant and intricate shapes. So for the past week, I’ve been giving it a try. Here, I’ve made a few open frame components with wire wraps holding chalcedony gemstone briolettes. I especially love hammering my wire components slightly to give them a hand-textured look. Are there any wire wrapping techniques you’d like to see? Look for more project tutorials coming soon!

Kat Silvia Design Montego BayKat:

This morning I just put the final touches on my “Montego Bay Bracelet.” I did a very simple pearl knotting technique using cubed blue sodalite gemstones, and braided in a gold chain for a little glint. Finishing it off is a nautical hook by TierraCast. The twisted strands remind me of deep blue waves touching the clouds in the morning.



Sweet Project Ideas for Valentine’s Day


It’s one month until Valentine’s Day, and whether or not flowers and chocolates are your thing, the world can always use more love. As perennial beaders, we tend to feel that a great way to celebrate this holiday of love is with some beautiful, themed jewelry. You can browse our gallery of Valentine’s projects to glean some inspiration — and through Monday, thousands of Valentine themed items are on sale!


Check out the My Classic Valentine Bracelet, shown above left, featuring faux pearl cabochons on an easy-to-make memory wire form. The clean and elegant silhouette of the All for Love Earrings make them a lovely Valentine’s Day accessory. And the Rosy Serenity Necklace shows off a light pink palette complemented by soft blue — echoing the Pantone colors of the year.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day accessories? Happy beading!

Only at Beadaholique: New Nunn Design Open Frame Pendants


We’re big fans of Nunn Design here, and couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Beadaholique is the exclusive retailer of Nunn Design’s new open frame pendants. These pendants are available in round and teardrop shapes, in a variety of metal finishes that match other components from this high-quality artisan line. We love them because of their versatility — these pendants make great frames for wire wrapping, or you can use them with Crystal Clay, resin, or hang jump rings from them and let your imagination dictate what comes next. Check out the beautiful earrings our designer Julie made in the banner above. Get yours here!

Special Visit from Guest Designer Fernando DaSilva!

Fernando Video Table

It’s cold and rainy here in L.A. this week, but we enjoyed a burst of springtime when guest designer Fernando DaSilva paid us a visit! We always enjoy hosting our friend from John Bead, and this week he shot a couple of fun new videos for us featuring Dazzle-It! Tropical Punch lucite chain and components, and Chinese knotting cord. Here you can catch a glimpse of him working on a design using the Lovely Knots cork board. Visit our website to see past projects by Fernando. And stay tuned for Fernando’s new video tutorials coming soon!