Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around Our Community: The Beading Group at the Villages

Our friends over at the beading group at the Villages have written us, and we'd love to share their story!

The Villages is an active retirement community located in the heart of central Florida, full of sunshine, golf courses and shopping. Among their many recreational activities, they have a group of lovely, creative women who love to bead. 

Beading began at The Villages about 10 years ago in the home of Nancy Weiler.  Nancy, along with 15 other women, gathered together on a regular basis to make jewelry and beaded purses. Before they knew it, the group grew too large for Nancy's home and an official beading group at The Villages was born.  Now the group meets twice a month in a large hall in the central part of the community.  Nancy scours the web and magazines for projects that might be of interest to the group and she then makes patterns and supply lists for the beaders to use.

Together they have done wire wrapping, chain mail (which is Nancy's favorite), lots of bead weaving, kumihimo, bead crochet and braiding.  These days, Nancy is away for the summer months, but she encouraged her beading friends, headed by Barbara Haegele, to take reign of the group.  The beaders are still very active and the group is continuously growing.  Along with a great summary of their beading group, Nancy has also attached some wonderful photos of the beaders in action!
Many of the photos show the women with tension chords attached to chairs, working the four strand braid to make Beadaholique's Unisex Anchor Bracelet. They attach string to chairs and then work the cord from there to get good tension.  What a great idea!

Some members have been with the beading group at The Villages for 10 years and counting!  Their knowledge and experience is a helpful source for those new members joining the beading group. As with everything new, flexibility, patience and enthusiasm make for a good learning and teaching atmosphere.

The team at Beadaholique would like to thank the lovely ladies at The Villages for their support.  We are so glad that our instructional videos offer inspiration to your beading group and hope to continue to inspire your creativity.  Thank you for reaching out Nancy, and to the group: Keep Beading!

- Karlin

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spotlight Saturday: Beaded Beads

Beaded beads are so beautiful and there are so many ways to use them.  Both bicones and round beads work well with this technique.  This is not a particularly difficult technique but sometimes it can take a few tries to get it just right.  My recommendation is to watch the video once, all the way thru, without doing anything so that you can see the process.  Then, go back and work with the video to start your beading.  Experiment with this bead in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Featured Video:  How to make a Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave

This is a very elegant use of beads and once you learn this technique you will use it for all kinds of beaded bead projects.  If you have about 30 left over beads you can use this technique to tie them all together.

Featured Project:  Callista Necklace

There is just something about this necklace that speaks to me.  I love the mixing of the gold and silver as well as the understated but glamourous use of the beaded beads.  This is an eye catching piece that will have everyone saying, "You made that yourself?"  To which you simply reply, "Why yes, I did."  And while you are in the beaded bead making mode be sure to make yourself the matching Callista Earrings to complete your look.

Featured Product:  Cherry Quartz Glass Small Round Beads

Although the Callista Necklace uses 3mm metal beads, I love the idea of using these glass beads that look like gemstones.  They are the same size, so the technique will translate.  Imagine how beautiful these would look as a beaded bead.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Why do we call them Rhinestones?

I love rhinestones - sparkly, colorful, shiny rhinestones! While I was sitting here at my desk today, a random thought popped into my head: “Why are rhinestones called “rhine-stones” and where did they originate? To me, the word doesn't sound particularly pretty or like it suits the actual stone. And what exactly does “rhine” in rhinestone mean, anyway?

I just had to do a little investigation. So, with a bit of research on the internet, I discovered that rhinestones were originally rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine. Isn't that cool!? The Rhine is a European river that runs from the Swiss Alps through Germany and eventually flows into the Netherlands. What a beautiful, lush origin for these sparkly stones.

I love learning little tidbits like this, and I hope you all enjoyed that fun fact! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beading Table Wednesday July 24, 2013

Kat's Table

This week I am going retro!  I found these great Sea Green Acrylic Beads.  I am not sure how they are going to play into my project but I just couldn't resist how great they look with the black beads.  I just love when I find a product that I am inexplicably drawn to.  This one is a challenge but I am looking forward to just playing around today.

Karlin's Table

I love the shiny, pretty Czech beads that are being incorporated into my projects this week.  I ended up pairing my sapphire beads with some cool metallic silver spikes which I think gives my necklace a feminine, yet edgy look. This should be a fun, busy week full of new, colorful pieces.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Inspiration Monday: La Belle Époque & Art Nouveau

One of my favorite things to do is look through old photographs and admire the styles of the past. And like many of you, I have a favorite era I'm naturally drawn to - an era whose style and mood inspires my creativity. My era of choice is Paris' Belle Époque, also known as the “Golden Age."

La Belle Epoch was such a beautiful time in history. Gorgeous paintings, amazing jewelry and ornate architecture was everywhere. The art, the fashion, and just the city, as a whole, was so eye-catching. The Belle Epoch was a period characterized by hopefulness, a greater appreciation for literature, theater, music and the arts-- basically, all the things I hold dear to my heart. Visually, it was a feast for the eyes.

My favorite art movement of the Belle Époque era is Art Nouveau. I love the way the images flow with such movement and ease. One of my favorite painters of this era is Mucha, who incorporated beautiful figures, nature and lots of line work into his pieces.

I think that in one way or another, we all draw inspiration from history. It's hard not to be swept away by the beauty that comes from the past. Needless to say, a lot of the things I make are inspired by this era. If I could jump into a time machine and visit Paris in the late 1800s, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Do you have a favorite era that inspires you?


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spotlight Saturday: Charming Bookmarks

How is that Summer reading coming along?  What's your favorite type of beach book?  A juicy thriller or a devious mystery?   I don't know about you but I love relaxing on the beach with a great book, but there is no way I am bringing my digital reading device into the sand.  So I always have a old fashioned book when I head out to get some sun.  You know, one where you actually have to turn the pages?  And for that, you will need a stylish bookmark!

Featured Video: How to Use Ribbon Crimps

This video shows you how easy it is to create a finished look to your ribbon projects.  No more frayed ends of ribbon to ruin your projects.

This is such a great project that you can make one for everyone in your Book Club.  This also makes a great gift for your favorite student going back to school this fall, which you can personalize with their school colors using our ribbon and charms.

Featured Product:  Pandora Beads 

My personal favorite is this Neon Pink SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal BeCharmed Pearl Bead. There is no way I am losing that one in the sand. Get creative! We have so many to choose from. Be sure to check out all of our Pandora Style Beads.  Share your favorite with us below.

Happy Beading and Happy Reading!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beading Gossip: Nunn Design Seed Bead Bangle Giveaway + DIY Tutorial

Nunn Design has partnered up with Beadaholique for this great Giveaway and Seed Bead Bangle DIY Tutorial. This project offers yet another exciting way to use seed beads, Crystal Clay and the Nunn Design Channel Bangles.  Download the Tutorial and enter a chance to win all of the products needed to create this great bangle!  Want to get started now, log onto Beadaholique and get to shoppin!

Enter a chance to win all the components to create this Seed Bead Bangle Bracelet!   Enter to win by leaving a comment ON THE NUNN DESIGN BLOG. This contest ends at 11:59PM on July 21st with a winner to be announced on July 22nd.  Winner will be notified via email and mailed the winning supplies!

Right now thru Monday July 22, we have out Nunn Design Sale going on!  Don't miss it!
Other areas of interest around Nunn Design:
  Take a moment to cruise through their blog!  They have yet ANOTHER giveaway and tutorial scheduled for July 18th too!  Don’t miss out!
  Follow Nunn Design on Pinterest!   http://pinterest.com/nunndesign/
  Please Like them on Facebook.  They have a lot to offer and would love for you to stay connected!  https://www.facebook.com/NunnDesign

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Designer Project from Becky Nunn

Becky Nunn of Nunn Design has a made a project just for us! She created a fantastic bangle bracelet set using Crystal Clay and Miyuki delica seed beads. You can go onto our website under our Free Projects section and see the full ingredient list and purchase all the supplies.  And be sure to check out our Nunn Design Sale, going on now thru Monday July 22!

Here's a quick tip from Becky before you begin this project:

"Sometimes it is challenging for me to try something new. I can easily get caught up in the "what ifs" or the discomfort that I feel when I'm not sure if I'll be good at something new. I need to have a conversation with myself in which I say "Becky, it is okay to do something new for the pure joy of exploring. It is okay for you to step out of your comfort zone and make a mess". I tend to design products and projects that allow myself and others to Practice Redo and Reuse. Because, sometime the first go doesn't look all that great. So, with this project, allow yourself to have fun and know that if you aren't liking how it is turning out, pull the clay and beads out, wipe it down and try again. Enjoy the process! Happy Creating!" - Becky Nunn

Click on image to enlarge

Step 1: Open the package of Crystal Clay. Inside you will find your clay as well as a pair of gloves and an applicator toothpick. Adorn your gloves, pinch off a nickel size ball of part A and part B of the Crystal Clay and start-a-mixing. Keep blending the clay together until the color is consistent and there is no marbling.

Step 2: I take my gloves off from here on out. Create an 8-inch snake with the mixed ball of Crystal Clay from Step 1. Do this by rolling the clay in the palm of your hands.

Step 3: Place the snake of Crystal Clay into the base of the Channel Bangle. To begin, press the end down firmly to the Channel Bangle. I pressed the rolled snake of clay down with my left thumb, then pushed it forward and stretched it out flat while my right hand held the excess snake of clay. I then slightly pulled and rotated the bracelet slowly. It may take your own system to get comfortable, but in Step 3 you are laying the clay down into the Channel. I try to keep the clay flush with the side edges.

Step 4: Place your seed beads onto a flat surface. You may need to turn some of the seed beads so the holes are all facing up. I used two business cards to create an 8.5” long strip of beads, about the width of the Bangle Bracelet.

Step 5: Starting at one end of your 8.5” strip of seed beads, press the Bangle Bracelet Channel loaded with Crystal Clay into the seed beads. Use the tips of your fingers to gently press down the Bangle along the inside curved surface. Continue to roll the bangle across your strip of seed beads until you have made the full loop.

Step 6: Use your fingers to pat down the seed beads into the Crystal Clay. I also used my fingernails to go along the outside edge of the Channel Bangle, making sure that a bunch of excess isn’t spilling over the sides. If you do have excess, use a wet wipe and wipe away the Crystal Clay while it is soft. It will be a real challenge to get off once it is set, so take your time and clean as you go. Set the bracelet aside for about an hour – you want the seed beads to be firmly set (but not completely cured) for the next step.

Step 7: Okay, we are on step 7 here and I told you this was an easy project. At this point you are probably thinking I’m a big fat fibber, but it wasn’t all that hard. In fact the pictures above are the first two samples I ever made…hang in there!

Step 8: Really Step 7, but who’s counting. If you had excess clay from Step 3, you will use if for this next step. If you don’t have extra clay, you will need about a pea size ball of parts A and B. Once the Crystal Clay is fully mixed, snake it out into a thin long snake. You will be basically using the thin strip of Crystal Clay to make a slip (like when working with pottery). Wrap the thin strip of Crystal Clay around the bangle. Then get the Clay wet - I placed my fingers in water – get the clay very wet and then gently rub it over the seed beads. The clay will fill all of the little holes.

Step 9: Use a wet wipe to wipe away the excess clay. I again used my fingernails to go along the outside edges of the Bangle Bracelet Channel to clean up that side edge. If you don’t have fingernails because you bit them all off stressing if you were going to wrap this project up or not, use a butter knife.

Note: To make the  little bezel bracelet, follow the same instructions as above but modify them for the small bezels.

Thanks Becky for making this great project for us!
- The Beadaholique Design Team

Monday, July 15, 2013

Artist Profile: Vanda Nagy - International Winner of our "In Honor Of" Contest

Winner "In Honor of My Mother"

Vanda Nagy was named the International Winner with her piece, "In Honor of My Mother." My mother inspired me; these earrings are her birthday present (She celebrates on June 2) She likes the simple but elegant jewelry. Therefore, the earrings based on silver wire, I used her favourite colour (beige), and the 2 pearls symbolizes my brother and me.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi my name is Vanda Nagy, I was born in Hungary but I live in Switzerland.  I am 36 years old and a mother of two girls aged 2 and 12. In my spare time I like to make beaded jewellery by the name of Mezoti. I try to avoid using any metal in my creations but where it is necessary I only use nickel free materials to make sure the jewelry is hypoallergenic.  I am still developing my own style but it is very important to me that l only make jewellery that is comfortable to wear and does not catch easily.

How did you get interested in beading/jewelry making?

In 2007 I bought a bead set for my daughter in a toy shop. As we were making animal shapes together I realized that I very much enjoy working with beads. I have a severe allergy to metal so I have to choose carefully the type of jewellery I wear. So then I thought if I make jewellery for myself I could avoid using metal parts. So that is how it all started, since then it has been my passion to make beaded jewellery.

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?

Seed Beads, Freshwater Pearls, Fire Polished Beads, Toho Treasure, Miyuki Delica, Semi precious Gemstones, Leather, Swarovski Elements.  The techniques I use are peyote, RAW, and combined techniques.

Who or what inspires your creative process?

I get my inspiration from other people's work I come across on the Internet or in magazines and I often feel the urge to create a nice piece of jewellery when I see beads in particularly lovely colours.

Is there somewhere people can see/purchase your work?

My Facebook site at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mezotis-Bead/371057166315765

Thank you for sharing Vanda. We wish you all the best in the future. Keep beading!

Artist Profile: Lauren Reed - US Winner of our "In Honor Of" Contest

Winner:  "In Honor of My Mother"
Lauren was voted the #1 US entry for our contest that celebrated someone special in their lives, "In Honor Of." Lauren's piece was In Honor of My Mother. "This necklace is in honor of my mother on her 50th birthday that just passed on June 14th. The heart represents my love for her, the rice pearls, coin pearl and the moonstone are her birthstones. The whimsical swirls represent her care-free personality." -Lauren Reed

Tell us a little about yourself:

I'm a college senior majoring in Biology. Wire is my passion, I am self-taught. I also dabble in metalsmithing from time to time. I'm in the early stages of planning my wedding so hopefully I can put my creative energy to good use!

How did you get interested in jewelry making?

I started making jewelry when I was 11. It started with making beaded animal key chains that I would attach to my backpack. When I was 14 I used my allowance to purchase my first jewelry book full of various techniques, initially I was into bead weaving then I discovered wire at age 17. At 18 I began making tiaras and jewelry for friends and family and I've been hooked on wire since.

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?

My favorite materials to use are sterling silver wire and sheet metal, silver patina, pearls, and gemstones. Who or what inspires your creative process?I am inspired by curving lines found in nature, Middle-Eastern architecture, Indian patterns, and art nouveau patterns.

Is there somewhere people can see/purchase your work?

I have a facebook page: www.facebook.com/diademjewels and an etsy store: www.diademjewels.etsy.com

Thanks for sharing Lauren! It was wonderful to read a little bit about you and your work. We wish you all the best with your creative endeavors, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spotlight Saturday: Gemstone Chain

Isn't it nice of them to take care of all the hard work of making all those simple wire loops for us?  The Gemstone Chain is so quick and easy to use but also carries a great elegance that can really add something special to your designs. 

Featured Video: How to Properly Cut Gemstone Chain

This video will show you how to properly cut your gemstone chain so that you can get the most from this beautiful product.

Featured Project:  Stranded Bracelet

Our designer Megan has combined a beautiful color palette of Steel Blue and Amethyst in this elegant bracelet.  By using a strand reducer you can really have the freedom to add all different kinds of metals, colors, and gemstone chain.

Featured Product:  Green Onyx Gemstone Gold Vermeil Wire Wrapped Chain 4mm Rondelles

There is just something so regal about the way the green pops with the gold chain.  The variants of the natural gemstone chain add a straight from the earth feel.  The wire wrapping gives it that extra touch of elegance that I just love.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We want to hear from YOU!

Hello to all my fellow Beaders,

We are in the process of giving our blog a facelift, but before we do we would love some suggestions from our readers.  Share with us what you would like to see in our blog.  It can be topics, categories, giveaways; whatever you are feeling, let us know.  What do you love, like, not like?  We want to hear it all.  We pride ourselves on being open to the creative community that supports us.  And now we want to support you and your suggestions.  Please know that we will take everything into consideration, however, we may not be able to honor everyone's requests.  The most helpful comments are constructive criticism.  Also, really let us know what you love so we can keep doing that for you!

Please give input by commenting below.

Thank you for your feedback!

-The Beadaholique Design Team

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beading Table Wednesday: 07/10/13

This week Megan has been kind enough to teach the newbies, Kat and Karlin, how to do some basic bead weaving and peyote using Miyuki Seed Beads.  Check out what they have been working on!


I love this color combo.  This is a great example of what peyote looks like when you alternate every row to be a different color.  I find this is the easiest when you are starting out; it's very easy to keep track of where you are.  Megan showed me how to properly start and tie off the thread as I continue weaving.  Megan's such a great teacher! The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


This was so much fun! It was my first time bead weaving and I really enjoyed the process. It was so relaxing. I used some of my favorite colors (light pink, black and cream) in a striped pattern. This will eventually be a peyote stitch bracelet & I can't wait to see the finished product. I loved learning this new technique and I can't wait to bead weave some more.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ENDED - Christmas in July SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Giveaway

 CONGRATULATIONS to Karen from New York - She's the lucky winner of this giveaway!

Let the festivities begin!  You may not have the urge to break out the candy canes and hot chocolate just yet but how about a wonderful giveaway to put you in the Christmas spirit?  It's never too early to start planning all those lovely handmade gifts for your friends and family.  We're giving away over $150 worth of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to help you get started!  It's our way of saying, "Happy Christmas in July".

One lucky winner will receive a great variety of colors and sizes, as shown below, to add to their beading collection.  Everything you see here can be yours!

To enter, please leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bead or pendant style is.  Giveaway ends next Tuesday, July 16th at 4pm PT.  At that time, we will choose one random winner from those who left comments on this blog post.  Please do not comment anonymously (as a guest) and do not use your Facebook, Twitter account, or Yahoo Pulse Profile when commenting.  Please do not comment more than once per giveaway post.  Please adhere to all Beadaholique rules and conditions for this giveaway.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All About Color: Holidays & Trends

The world of color ties in to trends and holidays in many interesting ways. The four seasons dictate our use of color in fashion, décor and everyday design. Here at Beadaholique, we believe in the importance of color and the role it plays in iconic holidays and changing trends. Both should be considered when it comes to jewelry making and designing.
Let's explore color a bit by talking about a popular trend going on right now—neon! Super bright, fluorescent colors like acid green, neon pink and electric blue seem to be popping up everywhere. They highlight your personality (pun intended!) and just look fun. Neon has made its inevitable comeback from the 1980s and we currently see this trend everywhere from clothing to jewelry to nail polish. "Highlighter" colors are all the rage and designers are integrating these colors into jewelry, especially with baubles and beads, to create stand-out pieces that add mega flair to any basic outfit. Pairing a super bright neon pink necklace or earring with a soft white or black minimal outfit makes for great contrast. Whether neon is one of your favorite color schemes or you are just testing out the trend, it's a fun way to add some brightness to your summer wardrobe.

Another pretty color trend happening right now is rose gold. This copper-gold tone is both unexpected and familiar; it somehow manages to look new and old at the same time. Pairing darker metallics with blush tones is a color combo that manages to feel feminine and soft in a vintage-inspired way. My personal favorite is pairing rose gold with black; it gives it a great romantic yet edgy look.

With fall 2013 rapidly approaching, we can start thinking about which color trends will be making appearances in fashion magazines and runways across the world. And with that said, Pantone's Fall 2013 color selections are here! This seasons colors include: Emerald, Linden Green, Mykonos Blue, Acai, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious, Turbulence and Carafe. Pantone's color of the year is the rich, lush Emerald. Incorporating emerald as an accent color in jewelry or even as the main staple is a very glamorous, eye-catching option. It's both timeless and fresh and looks beautiful on everyone.

As we quickly move towards the holiday season, what better way to commemorate the festivities than with new and unexpected color twists?

As we all know, most holidays have universally recognizable color schemes. Christmas has red and green, Halloween has orange and black, Valentine's Day has pink, and so on. We have a fairly good idea of which holidays are associated with which color schemes, but did you know that by altering certain hues and shades, we can end up with color pairings that add a bit more glamor and intrigue?

Since it's Fourth of July, why not commemorate the red, white and blue by creating a cool new look? A wonderful example of this can be seen in our "July on the Yacht" necklace project. This piece incorporates lovely sea glass in red. Also, by adding silvers, golds or a palette of earth-toned neutrals such as charcoal gray, cream, pearl or slate, we can add variety and modernize the look of our jewelry while still maintaining its classic charm!

When it comes to Christmas, our minds automatically think red and green. However, when making Christmas jewelry, we don't always have to stick to these traditional colors. A lovely way to embrace this holiday season is to add colors that are reminiscent of the holiday without being too predictable. Instead of using that basic green, try a more brilliant aqua, mint or emerald (Hello, Pantone's color of the year!) instead. And maybe instead of that middle-of-the-road red, you can try a cool maroon, a dark burgundy or a rich purple. As complementary colors, red and green are visually pleasing together to begin with, so different hues and shades will just naturally look great together! You will end up with a look that is warm and festive.

Another look to play with involves frosty blues in contrasting shades that mimic winter's cool, crisp snow. Pairing unexpected chains and findings in rose gold with hints of dark pewter also create an interesting fall/winter look. Metallics like gold and silver always have a way of looking magical during the season. By incorporating touches of gray and black to all the colors above, you can end up with a chic, wintry palette.

If bright and bold is what you seek, then how about trying something new with your jewelry? By adding brilliant gemstones, crystals and beads in pear, orange, magenta, lime, purple and turquoise, you can completely redefine your holiday look. These lively colors will make any brooch or cocktail ring truly stand out, amidst the usual red and green. Why not pair a lovely bright magenta or royal purple with a warm gold? The possibilities are endless.

Playing around with color is a fun, whimsical way of getting into the holiday spirit! By adding simple yet unique variations into the mix, we can make beautiful new color stories that can be worn throughout the year.


Time Saving Tools Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS to Barbara from Texas, she's the winner of this giveaway!

Every once in a while a new tool comes along in the jewelry making world that makes us all wonder how we got by with out it.  We have two such time savers to tell you about - and we're giving them away to one lucky reader!

The Beadsmith 1-Step Wire Looping Pliers:  If you do a lot of simple wire loops, these pliers will change your life.  This tool can do so much to help you complete your designs quickly and flawlessly.  It's so easy to use for making your simple wire loops uniform every single time.

The Beadsmith's EZ-Rivet Tool:  This is the perfect tool to add to your jewelry tool box.  The EZ-Rivet allows you to make cold connections for your metal working pieces.  One end will create the hole and the other will secure your pieces with a rivet.  This is a precise tool that is fun and easy to use.

Not only are we giving away one of each of these fantastic tools, but we're also going to throw in some of the basic supplies to use with each of them.  The prize package is worth over $100 and includes hollow rivets, stamping blanks and fastenables, head pins, and some lovely SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal beads.

By the way, have you noticed all the giveaways lately?  It's very possible that we're feeling in the giving spirit this summer.  I highly recommend staying tuned for something exciting next week...especially if you like sparkly things!

To enter, please leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite time saving tool is.  Giveaway ends next Monday, July 8th at 4pm PT.  At that time, we will choose one random winner from those who left comments on this blog post.  Please do not comment anonymously and do not use your Facebook, Twitter account, or Yahoo Pulse Profile when commenting.  Please adhere to all Beadaholique rules and conditions for this giveaway.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Kick off for July!

Are you ready for all the parades and summer grillin'?  I know I am.  Make sure you sport your red, white and blue this July.  We have lots of great new projects for you this summer.  Check out our Summer Holiday Projects for inspiration!

July on the Yacht Necklace                            Festive Freedom Bracelet 

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