Thursday, March 28, 2013

Product Spotlight: Nunn Design Micro Screw & Nut Set

When these new micro screw and nut sets arrived from Nunn Design our designers couldn't wait to get their hands on them. This has to be one of the coolest (pun intended) new forms of cold connections since E6000!  For me personally this is such a great introduction into metal work, especially since the idea of using a torch comes across as a bit daunting to me.  You're able to layer different types of metal and, after using a hole punch, screw them together, no hammering, nothing!  You can see how they can be put to use in Julie's latest video: How to Use Nunn Design Micro Screw and Nut Sets. The earrings made in this video are so cute, by the way! 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beading Table Wednesday - 03/27/13

Megan's Table 

I have a couple of fun projects on my table this week, and the one that I'm really excited about is a bead woven wrap bracelet. I'm weaving it out of some of our gorgeous new Miyuki Delica beads, and I'll finish it off using these great new end findings from Tierra Cast. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Julie's Table 

So many ideas and never enough time! We have been getting lots of new fun products into our warehouse lately and I just can't help myself from pulling some of them from inventory to make projects with. On my table right now are some really chunky and gorgeous gemstone rough nuggets, vintage watch faces, a Vintaj stamping blank embossed with the new DecoEmboss India Archway die, a Nunn Designs bangle cuff wrapped in silk, and some other its and bits.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Inspiration Board

Never underestimate the power of sticking things onto a board. I've collected so many images over the years and have truly learned the benefits of keeping inspiration in your line of sight. Not too sure on the science of it but I believe there must be something about an inspiration board that speaks to our creative subconscious. For me, I use it as a way to organize my ideas and materials, especially if I want to tell a story through my work. You can see in the picture here how easy it can be. This is my third week working at beadaholique and I just had to get a little board started. It's a bit minimal at the moment but still illustrates how you can marry random (or not so random) inspirational images with your beading materials and get a little story going. So no need to hesitate, get yourself a reliable board and start sticking things to it!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Congrats To Our Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to our winner of the Nunn Design Winter 2013 giveaway, Rijacki T. from Canada!  We're very happy for you and look forward to seeing what great designs you come up with.  

Thanks to everyone who participated.  There will be more contests and giveaways to come so stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bead Table Wednesday: March 20, 2013

Julie's Table

This week has been full of designing but today was all about getting a magazine ad staged. The theme was "wire" and it was fun to go pull all sorts of wire related products from our warehouse. The bin pictured in this post was just 1 of 3 bins filled with wire, pliers, cutters and more. Of course I had to throw some beads into the ad too :)

Contest Update: Pantone Spring Colors!

Have you checked out our current beading contest: Pantone Spring Colors? We want to see your awesome creations inspired by the latest "Pantone Spring Colors," and we want all of our other readers to see them too!

Our selected finalists will have their entries published here on our Beader's Blog and on the Beadaholique Facebook page for public voting, and the winners (1 international and 1 domestic) will each receive a $100 Beadaholique gift certificate!

We have some beautiful entries so far, but there is still time to enter if you have not yet sent us yours! The deadline for submission is Tuesday, April 9th @ 4pm PT, so get creating!

Other important dates:
  • Tuesday, April 9 @ 4PM PT: Last day to submit
  • Wednesday, April 10th: Finalists will be posted on our Facebook and notified via email. Public voting starts.
  • Thursday, April 11th: Finalists will be featured in the next issue of The Beading Wire sent to the entire Beadaholique email list.
  • Wednesday, April 17th @ 4pm PT: Voting ends. Winners will be notified via email within 2 business days and featured in the next issue of The Beading Wire.
 Be sure to read through the original post for complete rules and submission guidelines!


Friday, March 15, 2013

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Spring/Summer 2014 Launch: Part 2

In part 1 of our SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Spring/Summer 2014 launch blog we talked about the new enchanting and dreamy colors that are perfectly inspired for the season. In this part 2 of the blog series, we will look at all the drool-worthy new shapes and cuts of these dazzling crystal beads and pendants.

Cabochette Pendant
The Cabochette Pendant is reminiscent of a glimmering raindrop. The top of the pendant is facetted and its bottom is smooth, creating a multi-dimensional focal. This bead has stunning depth. Its unique shape means that it will look equally lovely paired with heavily faceted accent beads such as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rounds and bicones or smooth beads like the perfectly unifrom and lustrous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal faux pearls.  The Cabochette would be a glamorous accent in a draping necklace or on their own in a set of simple-chic earrings. Imagine combining the Cabochette Pendant in Jet with pieces from the new Rose Gold collection to create a romantic Art Deco piece.

Xillion Oval Pendant
If you are looking to make an elegant piece of jewelry that will become a treasured keepsake, look no further then the Xillion Oval Pendant. Its soft oval shape and radiating facets make it ideal for wedding, Mother's Day, and other "special moments" jewelry. The small 8mm size can easily be hung from a kidney ear wire and the 18mm pendant would look stunning hung from a sterling silver bail - both designs are quick and easy but look elegant and luxurious. Classic and timeless, the Xillion Oval Pendant can be easily combined with the existing Xillion line. We have 3 sizes in various colors and effects available on our website—including the new Crystal Rose Gold!

Heart Flatback
Rivoli 2-Hole Button
The Heart Flatback is soft and elegant and is sure to add a touch of femininity to your design. Collar embellishments are in fashion right now, and I’ve found myself day-dreaming about adding a few of these fetching flatbacks to my favorite collared shirt. The Rivoli 2-Hole Button is stunning in its modest design. The 2-holes make it easy to apply to clothing as a functional button, or as an alluring addition to an accessory. I love Megan's classy and cute Buttoned Up Bracelet—recreating it in Crystal Golden Shadow would be a must-have for Summer wear! 

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have also launched three new BeCharmed Pavé bead styles—that's right, three! The BeCharmed Pavé is covered in small chatons and offers a classy sparkle to your style. For a bolder look, the BeCharmed Baguette Pavé is studded with rectangle baguette fancy stones. Last, but certainly not least, is the BeCharmed Square Pavé, which is the most contemporary looking with square stones tiled around the bead. I have to admit that these are my favorite styles from the launch! They’re perfect for creating that radiant show-stopping Pandora style bracelet. Personally, I am thinking of stacking a set of these beads on a drop link and making a striking pendant. Don’t let the 4.5mm hole hold you back from creating something one-of-a-kind!

BeCharmed Baguette Pave
BeCharmed Square Pave
BeCharmed Pave

Many of these styles are currently available on our website, and more are trickling in every day! Be sure to check back often, or sign up with our Out Of Stock Notifier on an item page and you will get an email notification as items are received.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ENDED Nunn Design Giveaway: Winter 2013 Collection


Thanks to Becky Nunn over at Nunn Designs we have a fabulous collection of her latest designs worth nearly $100 to giveaway to one lucky person! The new Winter Collection of traditional bezels, ornate flat tags, metal beads, and more is simply stunning. Just think of all the jewelry-making possibilities!

(little box not included)

Included in the Giveaway is 1 piece of each of the following items:

Bangle Bracelet Channel, Antique Silver
Turquoise Chaton (1 tube)
Deep Bezel Circle Large, Raw Brass
18mm Earwire Leverback Oval, Antique Gold
Flower Crystal Charm, Antique Gold
Fanciful Flower Petal Charm, Antique Copper
Lily Flower Charm, Antique Silver
Large Poppy Pod Charm, Antique Silver
Metal Bead Faceted Drop, Antique Gold
Metal Embellishment Alder Leaves, Raw Brass
Metal Embellishment Marigold Flower, Raw Brass
Metal Embellishment Mini Daisy, Raw Brass
Single Sided Pendant Circle Single Loop
Ornate Flag Tag Ensign Single Loop, Antique Silver
Ornate Flat Tag Regiment Single Loop, Antique Silver
Traditional Pendant Heart Single Loop, Antique Gold
Ornate Large Cross Charm, Antique Copper
Young Lily Petal Charm, Antique Copper
Traditional Pendant Rectangle Double Loop, Antique Copper
Traditional Pendant Square Double Loop, Antique Silver

To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite Nunn Design item is. Giveaway ends next Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm PT. At that time, we will choose 1 random winner from those who left comments on this blog post. Please do not comment anonymously and do not use your Yahoo Pulse Profile if commenting, we cannot contact you if you do. Please adhere to all Beadaholique rules and conditions for this giveaway.

Good Luck!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get the Look - Zoe Saldana's Oscar Earrings

Zoe Saldana's Gorgeous Neil Lane Earrings
I've admitted before that I never watch the Oscars.  I'm only interested in what everybody wore, and I can find all of that online after the event.  So maybe that's my excuse for why I'm writing a post about the Oscars this far after the occasion...

At any rate, I did do my annual web-crawl to check out all the lovely gowns and gorgeous jewelry, and I was entirely taken with Zoe Saldana's shoulder-duster earrings by Neil Lane.  Yes, please!  I love dangley earrings, and the diamonds and pearls were so classic!  So, as is post-Oscar tradition, I have made my own version of my favorite piece of jewelry.  In fact, I've done them in two colors.

Much Ado Earrings in Down the Aisle
Much Ado Earrings in After Party

These are my Much Ado Earrings in Down the Aisle (bridal-appropriate white and crystal) and After Party (out-on-the-town-appropriate gunmetal and black diamond).  I used SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal channel chain and lovely faux pear shaped pearls in my earrings.  I got a very similar look to Zoe's original earrings, and they're actually quite simple to make - bonus!


Beading Gossip: Vintaj Morning Mist Giveaway!

We were very happy to be Vintaj's Online Bead Partner for their Morning Mist Design Challenge.  And now that they have a winner for their challenge, Vintaj is giving away this collection of metal components and beads that were used in their Morning Mist inspiration pieces.

Visit their site to learn how to enter, but hurry, because the deadline for entry is Friday, March 15th at noon CT.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Beaded Crochet Bags

Inspiration Monday could not have come at a more perfect time. Sometimes I'll get a sudden urge to start a new project (like a food craving, thankfully without any caloric consequences) and this time around it's for beaded crochet. There's nothing more therapeutic than planting myself in a peaceful setting and crocheting my heart out. 
Victorian Miser's Bag 

Coming up with a project idea can also be a task in itself; there’s just so much out there. All it takes for me is a quick Internet search and the virtual journey begins, and I’m almost overwhelmed by the possibilities. But time after time, it doesn't take too long for me to fall back in love with a challenge I have yet to conquer, the small beaded crochet bag or purse.  

The beaded bag alone seems to have an ever-evolving history…dating as far back as the 1800s - and even further. Originally the techniques and patterns used to create these handmade treasures were guarded as family secrets passed down through generations. However, it wasn't long before these old world accessories hit the marketplace and took on a life of their own. 

1920's Flapper Purse
A boom seems to have taken place during The Roaring 20s, and understandably so...I can only imagine what a perfect accessory the beaded bag must have been to the dedicated flapper of the day. But the evolution of the beaded bag didn't stop there. New variations and styles continue to change and develop even today as much as our imaginations can allow. I have managed to find pieces from almost every decade and pulled a couple of my favorite finds to share with you. I also found a great book titled Clark's 100 Crochet Designs for Bags originally published in the 1920s. 

So take a step back in time with me, and check out these beauties from history.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beading Contest: Pantone Spring Colors!

We want to see the Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion Color Report come to life! For this contest, your piece must feature at least one of the 10 colors in the fashion report. While we’re not looking for exact color matches, shades should be similar to those released in the report and should be a prominent feature of your design.

To enter, send a photo of your finished piece to us by 4PM PT on Tuesday, April 9th, with your name, title of your piece, email address, color(s) referenced, country of residence and an optional description of your piece in the body of your email.

The Beadaholique team will select a list of finalists who will have their work published here in our Beader’s Blog, in the next issue of The Beading Wire and on the Beadaholique Facebook page for public voting. Two winners, one domestic and one international, will each receive a $100 Beadaholique gift certificate and further exposure on our blog and Facebook page! An Editor’s Pick will be chosen from the remaining finalists and will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Rules/How to Enter:

Email us a clear, in focus, well-lit photo of a beading project of your own design which fits our theme and uses one or more products which can be found at Beadaholique. Email one photo, at least 500 pixels in width or height but no bigger than 1600 pixels wide and 1600 pixels tall, to (do not use this for questions; contact us here) with the following included in your email:

Subject line: "Name of Piece tags: march2013" (Example: Spring Explosion Necklace tags:march2013)

Body: Very important! In the body of your email, make sure to include the following:
full name—required
email address—required
country of residence—required
color(s) referenced in your piece—required Must use one or more colors similar to those in the list below. It does not have to be an exact match. Please see the Pantone Spring 2013 Color Fashion Report for color examples.

Dusk Blue
Grayed Jade
Tender Shoots
Lemon Zest
African Violet
Monaco Blue
Poppy Red

optional: a brief description of your piece

Other Rules—Updated 11/2012:
One entry per person. If you send more than one entry, you may be disqualified. If your entry does not meet the “Rules/How to Enter” stated above, you may be disqualified. Winner must respond to our email notification within 2 weeks to claim gift certificate. No one person may win more than once every 12 months (excluding Editor’s Choice). By entering, you retain the rights to your original jewelry design but are giving Beadaholique, Inc. permission to use your submitted photo(s) on our websites, newsletter, Facebook, blog and other properties. For consistency and fairness, watermarks and other text or logos will be edited out of photos. We encourage finalists to promote their business, store or website in the comments for their entry, though please limit it to just one link/promotional comment. The terms and conditions that apply to all Beadaholique contests and giveaways also apply here.

Important Dates:
  • Tuesday, April 9 @ 4PM PT: Last day to submit
  • Wednesday, April 10: Finalists will be posted on our Facebook and notified via email. Public voting starts.
  • Thursday, April 11: Finalists will be featured in the next issue of The Beading Wire sent to the entire Beadaholique email list.
  • Wednesday, April 17 @ 4PM PT: Voting ends. Winners will be notified via email within 2 business days and featured in the next issue of The Beading Wire.
  • Send in a large, clear, and well-lit photo.
  • Try to use natural light to illuminate your photos.
  • Double check to make sure that your full name and email address are included in the body of your email. We continue to receive submissions with no contact information.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beading Table Wednesday: 03/06/2013

Megan's Table

Vintage buttons!!  I was so excited when I saw the boxes full of vintage buttons that the team found in Tucson.  I've been playing with some simple glue on jewelry findings like rings, clip on earrings, and earring posts.  I've already made a bunch of pieces and I haven't made a dent in the pile of buttons.  This is definitely one of my new favorite products!

 Julie's Table
 A couple months ago I made the Aquarius Bracelet and Aquarius Earrings using vintage lucite rivoli links and pendants. With Emerald being the color of the year, and this design being so quick and easy, I decided to make an Emerald set. The projects will be titled the Taurus Bracelet and Taurus Earrings - look for them to be up on the website next week!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Measuring Resin for Molds

Our Quick Tip Tuesday comes from our wonderful customer service representative (and resin expert) Jason:

"When trying to figure out how much resin you need to mix to fill a mold, first fill the mold with salt and then pour that salt into a measuring cup - this will then tell you how much resin you will need.  I like to mix just a little bit more resin then what the measuring cup says to be on the safe side."

Don't forget to clean your mold after doing this trick!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Vintaj "Morning Mist" Design Challenge

Have you checked out the Vintaj "Morning Mist" Design Challenge?  They want to see designers' interpretations of "Morning Mist", and they have just extended the deadline to March 6th, so you still have time to enter!

The team at Vintaj has made some really lovely inspiration pieces for this challenge to get you started, like these "Dew Drops" earrings, using beads from Beadaholique along with all of their Vintaj goodies.  They are also offering some handy tutorials, like how to make the wire wrapped drops featured in these earrings.

Be sure to take a look, and get your entry in by 12pm (CST) on March 6th!
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