Spotlight Saturday: Gemstone Chain

Isn’t it nice of them to take care of all the hard work of making all those simple wire loops for us?  The Gemstone Chain is so quick and easy to use but also carries a great elegance that can really add something special to your designs. 

Featured Video: How to Properly Cut Gemstone Chain

This video will show you how to properly cut your gemstone chain so that you can get the most from this beautiful product.

Featured Project:  Stranded Bracelet

Our designer Megan has combined a beautiful color palette of Steel Blue and Amethyst in this elegant bracelet.  By using a strand reducer you can really have the freedom to add all different kinds of metals, colors, and gemstone chain.

Featured Product:  Green Onyx Gemstone Gold Vermeil Wire Wrapped Chain 4mm Rondelles

There is just something so regal about the way the green pops with the gold chain.  The variants of the natural gemstone chain add a straight from the earth feel.  The wire wrapping gives it that extra touch of elegance that I just love.