Beading Table Wednesday: 07/10/13

This week Megan has been kind enough to teach the newbies, Kat and Karlin, how to do some basic bead weaving and peyote using Miyuki Seed Beads.  Check out what they have been working on!


I love this color combo.  This is a great example of what peyote looks like when you alternate every row to be a different color.  I find this is the easiest when you are starting out; it’s very easy to keep track of where you are.  Megan showed me how to properly start and tie off the thread as I continue weaving.  Megan’s such a great teacher! The possibilities for color combinations are endless.

This was so much fun! It was my first time bead weaving and I really enjoyed the process. It was so relaxing. I used some of my favorite colors (light pink, black and cream) in a striped pattern. This will eventually be a peyote stitch bracelet & I can’t wait to see the finished product. I loved learning this new technique and I can’t wait to bead weave some more.