Artist Profile: Vanda Nagy – International Winner of our “In Honor Of” Contest

Winner “In Honor of My Mother”

Vanda Nagy was named the International Winner with her piece, “In Honor of My Mother.” My mother inspired me; these earrings are her birthday present (She celebrates on June 2) She likes the simple but elegant jewelry. Therefore, the earrings based on silver wire, I used her favourite colour (beige), and the 2 pearls symbolizes my brother and me.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi my name is Vanda Nagy, I was born in Hungary but I live in Switzerland.  I am 36 years old and a mother of two girls aged 2 and 12. In my spare time I like to make beaded jewellery by the name of Mezoti. I try to avoid using any metal in my creations but where it is necessary I only use nickel free materials to make sure the jewelry is hypoallergenic.  I am still developing my own style but it is very important to me that l only make jewellery that is comfortable to wear and does not catch easily.

How did you get interested in beading/jewelry making?

In 2007 I bought a bead set for my daughter in a toy shop. As we were making animal shapes together I realized that I very much enjoy working with beads. I have a severe allergy to metal so I have to choose carefully the type of jewellery I wear. So then I thought if I make jewellery for myself I could avoid using metal parts. So that is how it all started, since then it has been my passion to make beaded jewellery.

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?

Seed Beads, Freshwater Pearls, Fire Polished Beads, Toho Treasure, Miyuki Delica, Semi precious Gemstones, Leather, Swarovski Elements.  The techniques I use are peyote, RAW, and combined techniques.

Who or what inspires your creative process?

I get my inspiration from other people’s work I come across on the Internet or in magazines and I often feel the urge to create a nice piece of jewellery when I see beads in particularly lovely colours.

Is there somewhere people can see/purchase your work?

My Facebook site at

Thank you for sharing Vanda. We wish you all the best in the future. Keep beading!