All About Color: Holidays & Trends

The world of color ties in to trends and holidays in many interesting ways. The four seasons dictate our use of color in fashion, décor and everyday design. Here at Beadaholique, we believe in the importance of color and the role it plays in iconic holidays and changing trends. Both should be considered when it comes to jewelry making and designing.

Let’s explore color a bit by talking about a popular trend going on right now—neon! Super bright, fluorescent colors like acid green, neon pink and electric blue seem to be popping up everywhere. They highlight your personality (pun intended!) and just look fun. Neon has made its inevitable comeback from the 1980s and we currently see this trend everywhere from clothing to jewelry to nail polish. “Highlighter” colors are all the rage and designers are integrating these colors into jewelry, especially with baubles and beads, to create stand-out pieces that add mega flair to any basic outfit. Pairing a super bright neon pink necklace or earring with a soft white or black minimal outfit makes for great contrast. Whether neon is one of your favorite color schemes or you are just testing out the trend, it’s a fun way to add some brightness to your summer wardrobe.

Another pretty color trend happening right now is rose gold. This copper-gold tone is both unexpected and familiar; it somehow manages to look new and old at the same time. Pairing darker metallics with blush tones is a color combo that manages to feel feminine and soft in a vintage-inspired way. My personal favorite is pairing rose gold with black; it gives it a great romantic yet edgy look.

With fall 2013 rapidly approaching, we can start thinking about which color trends will be making appearances in fashion magazines and runways across the world. And with that said, Pantone’s Fall 2013 color selections are here! This seasons colors include: Emerald, Linden Green, Mykonos Blue, Acai, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious, Turbulence and Carafe. Pantone’s color of the year is the rich, lush Emerald. Incorporating emerald as an accent color in jewelry or even as the main staple is a very glamorous, eye-catching option. It’s both timeless and fresh and looks beautiful on everyone.

As we quickly move towards the holiday season, what better way to commemorate the festivities than with new and unexpected color twists?

As we all know, most holidays have universally recognizable color schemes. Christmas has red and green, Halloween has orange and black, Valentine’s Day has pink, and so on. We have a fairly good idea of which holidays are associated with which color schemes, but did you know that by altering certain hues and shades, we can end up with color pairings that add a bit more glamor and intrigue?

Since it’s Fourth of July, why not commemorate the red, white and blue by creating a cool new look? A wonderful example of this can be seen in our “July on the Yacht” necklace project. This piece incorporates lovely sea glass in red. Also, by adding silvers, golds or a palette of earth-toned neutrals such as charcoal gray, cream, pearl or slate, we can add variety and modernize the look of our jewelry while still maintaining its classic charm!

When it comes to Christmas, our minds automatically think red and green. However, when making Christmas jewelry, we don’t always have to stick to these traditional colors. A lovely way to embrace this holiday season is to add colors that are reminiscent of the holiday without being too predictable. Instead of using that basic green, try a more brilliant aqua, mint or emerald (Hello, Pantone’s color of the year!) instead. And maybe instead of that middle-of-the-road red, you can try a cool maroon, a dark burgundy or a rich purple. As complementary colors, red and green are visually pleasing together to begin with, so different hues and shades will just naturally look great together! You will end up with a look that is warm and festive.

Another look to play with involves frosty blues in contrasting shades that mimic winter’s cool, crisp snow. Pairing unexpected chains and findings in rose gold with hints of dark pewter also create an interesting fall/winter look. Metallics like gold and silver always have a way of looking magical during the season. By incorporating touches of gray and black to all the colors above, you can end up with a chic, wintry palette.

If bright and bold is what you seek, then how about trying something new with your jewelry? By adding brilliant gemstones, crystals and beads in pear, orange, magenta, lime, purple and turquoise, you can completely redefine your holiday look. These lively colors will make any brooch or cocktail ring truly stand out, amidst the usual red and green. Why not pair a lovely bright magenta or royal purple with a warm gold? The possibilities are endless.

Playing around with color is a fun, whimsical way of getting into the holiday spirit! By adding simple yet unique variations into the mix, we can make beautiful new color stories that can be worn throughout the year.