Beading Table Wednesday: 6/26/13

Julie’s Table 

My beading table is a bit messy, but then again, when is it not? The necklace you see propped up against the spools of ribbon was made using memory frames and collage artwork. The artwork is actually one of my favorite new products, it’s a book of assorted ephemera papers! The book is filled with vintage looking images of stamps, photos, prints, and more.

Kat’s Table 

This week I have been working on a few different pieces. Have you seen Downton Abbey? Those ladies have some great jewelry! I was inspired by their style when I began working on this piece featuring different shades of purple SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pearls. And up top you can see my little apple ring. Just something fun!

Karlin’s Table

Yay, it’s my first beading table post! Today I’m working on a fun black and white necklace that incorporates chunky beads. It has shiny multi-faceted acrylic black beads and it kinda’ has a mod 60s inspired look to it. I am loving the contrasting look of the black and white. I guess I’ve been watching too much Mad Men lately…