Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Friendship Bracelet, Wrap Bracelet, and Pretty Czech Beads

How can it be Saturday already? It's time for another Spotlight Saturday; I hope you find some weekend inspiration in these ideas.

Featured Video: How to Make a Friendship Bracelet 

I sure remember making these growing up and now they are oh-so-popular again. This highly detailed video will teach you how to make your own friendship bracelets. They are lots of fun and surprisingly relaxing to make! 

Featured Project: Cathedral Bead Wrap Bracelet 

In addition to friendship bracelets being popular, so are wrap bracelets. Megan has incorporated Czech Glass Cathedral Beads into her design for a fun twist on this Spring trend. 

Featured Product: Czech Fire Polished Beads 10mm Round Jet AB 

For a variation on the wrap bracelet above, try using these striking Jet AB beads. Czech Fire Polish Beads have a wonderful luster and shine to them and the added AB adds just the right amount of color.  

- Julie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beading Contest: The Wearing of the Green Finalists

A big thank you to everyone who entered Beadaholique's The Wearing of the Green beading contest!  We are receiving more and more entries each month, and received a record number of entries this month.  Here are our top 10 finalists (in alphabetical order by last name):  

"St. Patty's Spring Blossoms" by Aneva Bemis

"Golden Green" by Adelina Bunget

"Celtic Pride" by Serena Garland

"Wild Orchid Necklace" by Chandraneti Harijanto

"Sparkling Shamrocks Necklace" by Jennifer Juno

"Green with Envy" by Toni Lyons 
"Lucky Charms" by Cheri Mendieta

"Emerald City Earrings" by Meghan Stout

"Luck O the Irish" by Erin Strother

"Zamarat Earrings" by Sandra Triniol

To vote for your favorite design, please go to Beadaholique's Facebook page and "like" the design you like best. You will need to "like" the actual photo in the gallery and not the entire gallery itself for your vote to count. Public voting ends Tuesday April 3rd at 4pm PDT. 

Best of luck to all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BTW: Beading Table Wednesday 3/28/12

Julie's Table

Mixed Media! Woohoo! YAY!! Yippiee! Can you tell that I am excited? This week I am playing with my absolute favorite design themes - mixed media, Steampunk, Victorian, and vintage inspired. I could not be happier. We recently started carrying Art Mechanique bezels (they are gorgeous) and we also just received in, and will soon have on our website, mica sheets. I am one very happy, and very messy, designer over here :) 

Megan's Table 

I'm experimenting with beaded bezels this week. I love the look of surrounding Swarovski rivolis with intricate bead weaving! I found that once the basic beaded bezel is in place, it's easy to experiment with different ways of embellishing the piece and making it grand. I think I'll make a spiral rope beaded necklace and use this piece as a focal pendant, so pretty!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday - Labeling Beads for Patterns

Many beading patterns will label the different beads you are using with letters (A, B, C, etc) and then refer to them only by letter in the instructions.  To keep your beads organized, and save yourself the hassle of constantly referring to the supply list, simply place a small post it note with the letter label next to each pile of beads on your mat.  Then, when your instructions tell you to add 16 "A", you won't have to think twice about which beads to add.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beading Contest Update: The Wearing of the Green

Have you checked out our current beading contest, The Wearing of the Green?  We want to see your interpretation of "The Wearing of the Green" (be sure to use green in your design) and we want all of our other readers to see it too!

Our 10 selected finalists will have their entries published here on our Beader's Blog and on the Beadaholique Facebook page for public voting, and the winner will receive a $100 Beadaholique gift certificate!

We have a lot of great entries so far, but there is still time to enter if you have not yet sent us your best in green!  The deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 27th @ 4PM PDT, so get beading! 

Other important dates:
Thursday, March 29: Top 10 will be posted on our Facebook and notified via email. Public voting starts.
Tuesday, April 3 @ 4 PM PDT: Public voting closes
Thursday, April 5: Winner is announced in the next issue of The Beading Wire and notified via email.

Be sure to read through the original post for complete rules and submission guidelines! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BTW: Beading Table Wednesday 3/21/12

Julie's Table 

On my table this week is a romantic Gemstone and Vintaj necklace. I love the way the pink tones, greens, and brass blend together and even added a touch of green to the brass with African Bronze Gilders Paste. I am now just trying to figure out how to add some pink behind the main brass pendant and also figure out how to finish the stringing. So much fun! 

Megan's Table  

I am smitten with beaded micro-macrame! I've been playing with nylon cord and friendship bracelets lately, and have decided to try my hand at a little bit of simple micro-macrame. On my table today is an assortment of Swarovski Crystal bicone beads in a rainbow of colors, just waiting to be woven into a black cord and black seed bead bracelet to provide a bright pop of color. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday - Sealing Synthetic Cord

If you're familiar with our free Bead Weaving Projects and Instructional Videos, you've probably heard us recommend using the Thread Zap tool.  It's an incredibly handy tool that enables you to quickly and cleanly cut your thread right up next to your weaving.

But this little baby can also be hugely useful when you're working with synthetic cord, such as using nylon cord in friendship bracelets or micro-macrame projects.  Gently pressing the tip of the Thread Zap against the raw end of your synthetic cord will melt the tip of the cord and seal it.  This will prevent it from fraying and unraveling.  It's a technique that is often accomplished with an open flame, but the Thread Zap will do the trick quickly and with amazing precision!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Coloring Lucite Flowers, The Secret Garden Bracelet, and Lucite Trumpet Flower

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! If you are feeling crafty while wearing your green today, check out these spotlighted items:

Featured Video: How to Color Lucite Flowers and Leaves with Gilders Paste

Custom color lucite flowers and leaves to match your design projects. With just a little Gilders Paste you can create lots of unique shades which will blend beautifully with your existing ingredients. Very easy to do and no tools required!

Featured Project: The Secret Garden Bracelet

Being St. Patrick's Day I had to choose a very green project. This bracelet takes some time to make but when you are finished, you have a wearable piece of art that is sure to get raves. Click here for your FREE instructions!

Featured Product: Lucite Long Striped Trumpet Flower -Dark Emerald Green 31mm

These lucite flowers would make a fascinating bead cap and would work into a very easy earring. Try coloring them with Gilders Paste - maybe with a gold or silver color to match your findings. 

- Julie

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BTW: Beading Table Wednesday 3/14/12

Julie's Table

I am just about to start a bead weaving project (yay!) and am feeling rather colorful. I chose 3 different Czech glass seed bead mixes and am going to go crazy and use them all together. I am thinking of making big circles with rings of colors and then connect them into a bib style necklace. 

Megan's Table

On my table this week is an assortment of gorgeous Czech Glass Cathedral Beads. I've been meaning to make something out of these since I first saw them right after I started here at Beadaholique. They're so eye-catching and pretty and lend so much style to every piece they're used in! Right now, I'm making them into a wrap bracelet, because I thought it would be a great way to showcase the beads. What would be your favorite way to use these little beauties?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lark Crafts Give Away: Beaded Fantasies

Lark Crafts is giving away a signed preview copy of Sabine Lippert's new book: Beaded Fantasies!

It just so happens that we took a look at the listing for this book a couple of weeks ago when we came across it on the Lark Crafts website.  I have to say, we were drooling over it in a major way.  Sabine Lippert's work in this book is gorgeous, making this book quite the prize - especially since it won't be released until May!

Visit Lark Crafts to read the post about this book and get the details on their give away, which ends March 15, 2012 at 9PM EST.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: BeadSmith's Thing-A-Ma Jig, Gemini Bracelet, and Miyuki Cube Bead Mix

Featured Video: How to Use the BeadSmith Thing-A-Ma Jig. 

Make unique jewelry findings, links, connectors, and perfect loops using this handy and affordable tool. Just $6.49! 

Featured Project: Gemini Bracelet 

Vibrant lilac pearl twin beads are accented with silver and black diamond seed beads in this stretch bracelet. Add a pop of color to your everyday look. 

Featured Product: Miyuki 4mm Glass Cube Bead Mix 'Blue Tones'  

 I love bead mixes and all the colors you get to play with. The blues in this particular mix are mesmerizing and the cube shape is very fun to work into your designs.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Artist Profile: Carrie Grabowicz - Bead Artist and Love Is In The Air Contest Winner

Tell us about yourself:
Carrie is a self-taught jewelry artist. Her background is in public health, but after her children were born she became a stay-at-home Mom. After the dust settled, she needed to find things that kept her busy including yoga, reading, and all things crafty. She lives in Chester County, PA with her husband and two sons. She also has two Boston terrier dogs. 

Winning Design: Key To My Heart

How did you get interested in beading/jewelry making?
It all started in July 2008 with a trip to the Outer Banks, NC. Hammi Jammi Jewelry owner/designer, Carrie Grabowicz, created her first necklace in a bead shop.

I fell in love with the design process and the rest is history. Hammi Jammi is a name I calls my children when they are acting like “hams” and I also loves pigs so the name is fitting for fun, everyday jewelry. 

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?
I really love to use ceramics and unique pendants, along with gemstones. I have some great vendors that I purchase from regularly. Really, I make a little bit of everything for every taste. Currently, I am on a shamballa style bracelet kick...using leather and ceramic beads. 

Is there somewhere people can see/purchase your work?
I currently sell on consignment and wholesale to several local shops. And I just got the opportunity to sell on consignment at a new store opening March 23 in Brigantine, NJ. Additionally, I sell at some farmer's markets in the area, teach jewelry classes to girl scout groups and day camps, sell online at or I also write about my jewelry musings at

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BTW: Beading Table Wednesday 3/7/12

Julie's Table 

The action on my beading table took place above it this week. I made a necklace with multiple strands of beads and lucite flowers and then wanted to twist the strands together along with a raspberry colored silk ribbon. To do the twisting, I needed to anchor the necklace to a stationary object. My lamp was the perfect solution! I was unsure about this project when I started but now I really love it. When it is ready, it will be called The Bountiful Garden Necklace - check it out in our free projects section in several weeks.  

Megan's Table
Wedding season is coming!  As a bride-to-be myself, bridal jewelry is on my mind (and my beading table) a lot lately.  As soon as I saw this Angel's Wings clasp from Elegant Elements, I knew it wanted to become bridal jewelry!  I've been working on some bead weaving ideas using the same Swarovski pearls and crystals that are featured in the clasp.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: How to Use DeCoRe Clay, Crystal Radiance Ring, and Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Featured Video: How to Use DeCoRe Epoxy Clay and Make a Ring

 Epoxy clay is one of our very favorite products to work with. It is self-hardening, and because it adheres to all surfaces, the design possibilities are endless!  

Featured Project: Crystal Radiance Ring

 This ring is Hollywood glamour at its best! You get all the elegance and sparkle of a luxury crystal pave ring but without the big price tag. This project costs just around $20 and you end up with enough clay leftover for future projects.  

Featured Product: Swarovski Hotfix Flatback Rhinestones ss20 - Metallic Light Gold

Swarovski Crystals are known for the way the light catches the facets and shines brightly. These flatback rhinestones are an easy way to add instant drama to your designs. The muted metallic light gold tone is versatile and pleasing to the eye.

See how to use how apply hotfix rhinestones with the Bejeweler Pro: 

Happy Beading Everyone,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beading Contest: The Wearing of the Green

The theme for this month's contest is "The Wearing of the Green" - so be sure to use some green beads or components in your piece. The Wearing of the Green was a song originally written about the color symbolizing Irish rebellion in the 18th century - now the wearing of the green has become a way to avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day! Check out our free beading projects and tutorials for some inspiration.

We will select 10 finalists from the contest entries, all of whom will have their work published here on our Beader's Blog and on the Beadaholique Facebook page, for public voting. The winner will receive a $100 Beadaholique gift certificate and further exposure on our blog and Facebook page!

Rules/How to Enter:

Email us a clear, in focus, well-lit photo of a beading project which fits our theme and uses one or more products found at Beadaholique. Email one photo, at least 500 px in width or height but no bigger than 1600 px wide and 1600 px tall, to (do not use this for questions; contact us here) with the following included in your email:

Subject line: Name of Piece tags: mar2012 (Example: Envious Earrings tags: mar2012)

Body: Very important! Include your full name and email address within the body of your email. Optionally, you may also include a brief description of your piece.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, March 27 @ 4PM PDT: Submission deadline
Thursday, March 29: Top 10 will be posted on our Facebook and notified via email. Public voting starts.
Tuesday, April 3 @ 4PM PDT: Public voting closes
Thursday, April 5: Winner is announced in the next issue of The Beading Wire and notified via email.

Other Rules:

One entry per person. If you send more than one entry, you may be disqualified. If your entry does not meet the "Rules/How to Enter" criteria stated above, you may be disqualified. Winner must respond to our email notification within 2 weeks to claim gift certificate. No one person may win more than once every 3 months. By entering, you retain the rights to your original jewelry design but are giving Beadaholique, Inc. permission to use your submitted photo(s) on our websites, newsletter, Facebook, blog and other properties. The terms and conditions that apply to all Beadaholique contests and giveaways also apply here.


Send in a large, clear, and well-lit photo.
Try to use natural light to illuminate your photos.
Double check to make sure that your full name and email address are included in the body of your email. We continue to receive submissions with no contact information.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get the Look - Anna Paquin's Oscar Earrings!

Did you watch the Oscars last weekend?  I have to admit, I didn't.  In fact, I never do.  But I do go online and check out what everyone was wearing the next day quite faithfully.  The gowns and jewelry are the best part!

Out of all of the amazing things I saw when I looked through the style boards this week, my favorite piece of jewelry was easily Anna Paquin's art deco style earrings.

Hers are gorgeous and glittery, set with what must surely be precious stones.  But, I thought to myself, a similar look could easily be achieved with bead weaving.  Miyuki delica seed beads come in some of the most amazing colors.  Julie and I drool over them on a regular basis.  What better way to showcase some of these beads than by weaving them into bold color blocks?  The result will be just as colorful, and will still have a great shine and sparkle!
I've just started working on my take on these earrings.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.  I'll be sure to update this post when they're finished.  Keep an eye out for them on our free projects page!

Here are my Deco Darling Earrings, which were inspired by Anna's beautiful earrings.  You can find the supplies and instructions here.


Love is in the Air- Contest Winner

The people have spoken and "Key to My Heart" by Carrie Grabowicz is our latest contest winner!  Carrie explains that this piece " an understated yet stunning necklace created using 8mm champagne glass pearls, 6mm faceted pink glass rounds, silver plated chain, and heart and key charms."

Carrie has won a $100 Beadaholique gift certificate.  Make sure to check back to see a full artist profile on Carrie, which will be up soon.

A special Editor's Pick and $50 gift certificate goes to Joella Fostermatt's Chocolate Passion Chandelier Earrings.  We love that she handcrafted almost all of the components in her piece form copper wire!

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