Artist Profile: Ivana Trajkovska – Winner of our Winter Holidays Beading Contest

Ivana Trajkovska was the winner of our Winter Holidays beading contest. Her earrings “Crystals Shine, Crystals Shine” were quite the favorite for their sparkling, festive look. We were curious to learn more about Ivana and her jewelry making journey. Here is her story:

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name Is Ivana, I am 26 years old. I am from Macedonia, it is a small but very beautiful country. Making jewelry is not my hobby but my work. I have an atelier where I make and sell my handmade jewelry.

Ivana’s Winning Entry “Crystals Shine, Crystals Shine”

How did you get interested in beading/jewelry making?

I made ​​jewelry as a child for me and my friends, but then for many years I stopped making jewelry. Three years ago I started again, and began attending classes for making jewelry that I still visit and learn. My interest in jewelry-making comes from a love of jewelry.


What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?

For me it’s very important to use quality materials. My favorites are Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and seed beads (Toho, Delica, Preciosa seed beads) but that does not mean I don’t like and I don’t use other materials, I like to experiment and combine a variety of materials. I also love to work with wire. I like the combination of wire and semi-precious stones. At the moment I am learning to work with metal clay and I like it a lot.

Who or what inspires your creative process?

I take inspiration from everything, from a beautiful moment in my life, a simple moment of everyday life, nature, from other pieces of jewelry (to be clear that I didn’t copy, but they only provide inspiration for me), a great inspiration for me are also the favorite people in my life. Very often I get crystals, beads or some other material and at that moment I decide what would be best to work out with them, and often I get the most beautiful jewelry in that way.

Is there somewhere people can see/purchase your work?

Unfortunately I still don’t sell my jewelry online, but only in my atelier. All who are interested in my work can see my jewelry on my Facebook page.

Thanks for sharing Ivana!  It was great to read a little bit about you and your work and we wish you the best of luck with your endeavors!

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations Ivana! You are very creative. I am wanting to work with metal clay and am hoping to get a kiln soon.

  • April

    My gosh, your stuff is gorgeous; it’s exactly my taste. Not too busy but very detailed; lots of textures but not distracting. Outstanding use of color, too. Congratulations!!!

  • Susan Diethman

    Gorgeous items!!!!!!

    • Ivana

      Thanks :)