Thrifty Gifty Spotlight: Resin Charm Bookmarks

If you have any avid readers on your holiday gift list, here are the perfect personalized gifts for them.  What’s more, they’re very budget friendly, and quick and easy to make.  Hooray!

This is my “Reading is a Hoot Bookmark”, with step by step instructions here.  You can see that the price for one kit is $14.91.  But if you choose two colors of crystal faux pearls that will match an assortment of resin charms, or if you want to make multiples of the same bookmark, you can lower your price per piece quite a bit!

You will have enough beads for quite a few bookmarks, and you will have enough eye pins for 10.  To make a set of 10 bookmarks, you’ll need to buy four more packages of bookmark findings.  You will also need to choose a total of 10 resin charms that you like that all match your pearl beads.  Once you add in those additional costs and break it down, you’re looking at just $4.64 per bookmark.  And actually, that’s assuming that you choose all charms that cost $2.49 each.  But many of our resin charms are as low as $1.99, which would mean a total cost of just $4.14 per bookmark.  It’s a great little gift for such a little price tag, and you can personalize the charms and colors to suit everyone on your list!