Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ENDED. Nunn Design Giveaway: Summer Collection 2012


Thanks to Becky Nunn over at Nunn Designs we have a fabulous collection of her latest designs worth over $125 to give away to one lucky person! The new Summer Collection of bead caps, bezel rings, bezel pendants, and more is simply stunning. Just think of all the jewelry-making possibilities!

Included in the Giveaway: 

1 piece each of the following items:

Inspiration Projects from Nunn Design
Small Bangle Bracelet Domed – Antique Copper
Large Bangle Bracelet Flat – Antique Gold 
Small Bangle Bracelet Flat – Antique Silver 

Coral Beadcap 9mm – Antique Copper 
Limpet Beadcap 9mm – Antique Gold 
Sea Hive Beadcap 9mm – Antique Silver 
Sea Spire Beadcap 9mm – Bright Silver 
Urchin Beadcap 9mm – Antique Copper
Hammered Beadcap – Antique Gold 

Inspiration Projects from Nunn Design
Ornate Large Pendants
Ornate Large Pendant Circle – Antique Copper 
Ornate Large Pendant Circle Single – Antique Gold 
Ornate Large Pendant Heart – Antique Silver 
Ornate Large Pendant Oval – Bright Silver 
Ornate Large Pendant Oval Single – Antique Copper 
Ornate Large Pendant Rectangle Single – Antique Gold
Ornate Large Pendant Square Single – Antique Silver 

Adjustable Ornate Rings  
Adjustable Ornate Large Circle Ring – Bright Silver 
Adjustable Ornate Small Circle Ring – Antique Gold 
Adjustable Ornate Small Oval Ring – Bright Silver 
Adjustable Ornate Large Oval Ring – Bright Silver  

Inspiration Projects from Nunn Design
To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite Nunn Design item is. Giveaway ends next Wednesday, August 8th at 4pm PDT. At that time, we will choose 1 random winner from those who left comments on this blog post. Please do not comment anonymously and do not use your Yahoo Pulse Profile if commenting, we cannot contact you if you do. Please adhere to all Beadaholique rules and conditions for this giveaway.  

Good Luck!


LOLA said...

My favorite Nunn item is the antiqued copper plated clam shell charm

ravenmoon said...

It is hard to choose a favorite Numb item.
I like the antiqued look to the different metals.
If it came down to a choice of item,I would say the ring bases...they are adjustable, very cool shapes and usage of different metals. I LOVE THEM!!!!

ravenmoon said...

Nunn. Item I am sorry theese newfangled change words on you phones the rings many possibilities

Jo Olson said...

Right now I'm making rings and lots of them and having to choose I item for me is hard. I love all the Nunn rings and settings, but if I had to choose one, it would be the antique silver.

Maria stark said...

The large ornate rings seems to be my pick. I feel that a ring makes a statement. You can look at many celebrity pictures and you will always find a fabulous ring. This one with its mix of metals is versatile.
A gorgeous ring is all you need weather it's work or a night in the town wave your hand around and show it off

Katie Strader said...

Antique silver sea hive bead caps!

Chinax2 said...

It is so hard to choose....I love all of their items especially their rings

Langidesigns said...

Definately the bezel pendant settings are my absolute fav

Tai said...

I really really like the red ring that is pictured above. It reminds me of my birth stone.

Charlie said...

I love the silver plated bezel connectors!
Charlie at clay-space dot com

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