Thursday, June 14, 2012

Artist Profile: Oksana Gaevskaya winner of May Flowers beading challenge

The winner of last months Beadaholique beading challenge, May Flowers, was Oksana Gaevskaya with her beautiful Apple Blossoms necklace. We asked Oksana to tell us more about her jewelry and what inspires her creative process.

Tell us about yourself:  

Winning Entry: Apple Blossom
My name is Oksana, I'm 22 years old. I am an ordinary student of the Donetsk National Technical University. I am a future master of the specialty "Computerized Control Systems". Now I am in search of a future career, as my education at the institute will soon be over. I wish that my future profession was connected with my hobby – beading, despite the technical specialty. However, this is unlikely in our country, because people are not accustomed to handwork and its value.  

How did you get interested in beading / jewelry making?  

I started beading about 10 years ago. First I made ​​flowers out of beads, which looked very similar to natural plants. Then there was a break in my beadwork, but I went back to my hobby soon after. However, I did not make flowers anymore, but instead began to study the creation of jewelry. On my own, I am independently studying various techniques of beading. And now you see what I can do. The main thing in my jewelry - accuracy. 

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making? 

In creating jewelry, I love to use only the highest quality materials. Such as: Czech beads, Japanese seed beads, Toho, and Miyuki. But my favorite materials include: Miyuki Delica beads and Rivolis. To my regret, these are the most expensive materials for me.  

Who or what inspires your creative process? 

Thanks to the Internet, I have a unique opportunity to meet and communicate with the great masters of beadwork. Enjoy their work and continue to learn. Also, you can draw inspiration from nature. I like to make necklaces of flowers: poppies, roses or fancy flowers. 

Is there somewhere people can see / purchase your work?

If you are interested in my work, you can contact me by e-mail 

Also all of my work can be seen in the group of Vkontakte, it does not need to register.

In the following albums: 

Thanks Oksana and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!


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