Profile of Nancy Dale – Bead Artist and October Contest Winner

Beadaholique’s first publicly-voted beading contest has come to a close, and out of all of the wonderful finalist entries, a clear favorite emerged. Nancy Dale wowed hundreds of voters with her fantastically ornamented piece “October’s Goddess,” featuring a bead embroidered pendant of mahogany obsidian, and also including freshwater pearls, Swarovski Crystals, seed beads, garnets, and many other beads. More leaves were embroidered with seed beads in Russian Leaf variations .

We had to know more about the artist behind the piece, so we subjected Nancy to a short interrogation!

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Nancy Dale and I have been beading for over 20 years. I dearly love putting beads together in any form imaginable; I never stop loving their versatality. I live in Vermont with my husband and my four dogs, and spend a whole lot of time in the dining room with huge piles of delicious shiny beads.


How did you get interested in beading/jewelry making?

I became interested in beading as a form of therapy, a calming, meditative pursuit that helped me with many things in my life.

What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making?

My absolute favorite materials are seed beads and Fireline beading thread – there are no limits to what can be created with these.

Who or what inspires your creative process?

I am mostly inspired by nature, and very very much by trees and leaves. I also like to just let colors and bead sizes inspire me themselves and to let them do all the work.

Is there somewhere we can see or purchase your work?

My website is if anyone would like to see more of my pieces.